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IP: Port: 7171 Version: 12.67

🧙 Welcome to Razgard Adventures 🌏


The best and most complete on the stage today and we will always keep our work with the latest updates and features every day! You must be wondering now what has new and different on the server? New areas 12+, all systems 100%.

Server 100% Free!. Premium Account on all Accounts, get Tibia Coins in game without donation just farm staying online and on level up!, we have 3 stronges currencys Gold, Tokens and Tibia Coins. 💚

Experience x2 💯, Skills and Magic by closes stages 🏋️ and Loot x2 🎒 and more
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Name Value
Experience by stages
From Level To Level Rate
1 x2
Skills by stages
From Skill To Skill Rate
10 20 x9
21 40 x6
41 60 x3
61 x1
Magic by stages
From Magic To Magic Rate
0 20 x6
21 40 x4
41 60 x2
61 x1
Loot x2
Spawn x1
Guild Members Online
XP Bonus
From Members To Members Online Bonus
5 9 + 2%
10 14 + 4%
15 + 6%
House Owners XP Bonus +2%
Client 12+ Xp Bonus +5%
Rookgaard XP XP/2
Charm Points x2
Bestiary Creature Kill Count x3


  • Client: 12.60
  • Online: 24/7
  • Global save: 01:00:00
  • World type: PVP
  • Protection level: 80
  • House rent: Monthly.
  • Houses with inactive owners are cleaned after year.
  • 8.6 Retro Open PVP.
  • 8.6 Classic Attack Speed.
  • 8.6 Nopz Locked on use rune fields.
  • Free Blessings until level 80.
  • Reward 1 tibia coin every hour (Max 5 tibia coins at day by Account and IP, active only on players level 20 more).
  • Basic ammunition (Spears, stones, arrow, bolt) break chance reduce to 1%.
  • All normal ammunitions break chance reduce to 3%.
  • Regeneration custom balanced (Mana and Health).
  • Knight can use Strong Mana Potion.
  • Paladin can use Great Mana Potion.
  • Old Utamo Vita Spell.
  • On Level Up get 5 Platinum Coins.
  • Fast Stamina Regeneration with Training Monks.
  • Adori bag, spear, backpack, food spells.
  • Get Tibia Coins on Level 50(25tc), 100(50tc), 200(100tc), 300(150tc), 400(200tc), 500(250tc).

    Free access to areas.


Today's boosted creature: Hydra Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box

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